Chase Green

12+ years Experience in Post Production, Television, & Digital Media



"Life is one big love story with hundreds of little love stories within it."

-Ram Charan


Available Services

Editing & Post Production

Delivering high-quality video editing & post-production services that elevate your content and engage your audience.

Consultation & Management

Expert consultation & management services to streamline your post-production workflow and optimize editing processes.

Digital Media & Development

Realize your vision through a holistic & seamless creative approach, ensuring a professional impactful outcome."


"Chase is wonderful mix of creative energy and efficiency... His understanding of digital media integration on traditional platforms would make him an assest to any creative team."

Jessica Johnson

Digital Producer, OWN

"Chase is a highly skilled creative producer... He consistently goes above and beyond... he is a creative and strategic thinker with a commitment to creating great work."

Katrina Pallant

Digital Marketing Manager, The Africa Channel

"Chase is motivated and experienced. He excels in Post Production knowledge as well as Production. Chase is an asset to any team."

Hank Polonsky

Director, Producer, Editor