Chase Green

10+ years Television , Digital Media, and Post-Production

editor. producer.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

-Maya Angelou


Creative, collaborative, and practical.

Passionate about video and all things creative.

Multitasking multiple deadlines simultaneously, and effectively.

Creating a well-rounded, positive, and productive working environment.


Creating Impactful Video

Not all video is meant to go viral. Only those that tap into what YOUR AUDIENCE likes! – What are they into? With the right mix of factors, you can TASTE success!

(“African Recipes” on Demand Africa)

Understanding Brands

Each brand is unique. It is important to highlight human stories and interaction.

(Event Video – Minds Matter LA)

Representing Your Product

Your product needs the right kind of highlights. Story-driven video showcases more than just the product, it highlights YOUR brand’s journey.

(Product Catalogue C&C California)

Need a Promo?

An energetic, action-focused promo can drive a ton of traffic!

Available Services


You shot that footage, now what?


Need help with your project or workflow?


Need help managing your team of editors?


“Chase is wonderful mix of creative energy and efficiency… His understanding of digital media integration on traditional platforms would make him an assest to any creative team.”

Jessica Johnson

Digital Producer, OWN

Chase is a highly skilled creative producer… He consistently goes above and beyond… he is a creative and strategic thinker with a commitment to creating great work.

Katrina Pallant

Digital Marketing Manager, The Africa Channel

“Chase is motivated and experienced. He excels in Post Production knowledge as well as Production. Chase is an asset to any team.”

Hank Polonsky

Director, Producer, Editor